Alex Morgan: The Gospel changes Everything

We hope you’ve had a blessed week so far. Last week Shanice Brown shared her story of how the gospel changed her. This week we hear from Alex Morgan who attends Transformation Life Centre in Birmingham. He is also part of a group of social influencers called ReFound.
You can find out more about ReFound on their YouTube channel. They focus on having real conversations among brothers on the topic of manhood. They have a new season of videos coming soon. We look forward to sharing more of their stories in the coming weeks. You can also follow them on Instagram.

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I grew up in a Christian family & ministered in church throughout childhood. I got baptised at the age of 16. That year was amazing & I really felt the weight of God’s glory on my life. However, a year after my baptism I left church. I attempted to go back to church time after time, but my relationship with Christ ‘outside the 4 walls’ wasn’t there.
My life became about the next party, girl, drink - I truly was deep in sin & needed saving from myself. It looked so great from the outside, but I knew inside that it wasn’t fulfilling. I only looked to deal with things in a worldly way.
The catalyst for change in my life came when my Grandad was in a coma. Through that week prior to his death, God really spoke to me. This period led me to really delve into the word of God. I needed comfort, so I began to pray & worship every day. Although God’s voice became more prominent in my life, I was still living in sin.
I still had major distractions around me, I needed direction. I reached a real low point & that is when God truly extended the hand of grace. I was ready to give up on life because I just couldn’t get it right. At this point, God started speaking through people & situations. God’s word revealed that I had to fully open the door of my heart for Christ to fill & no longer look to sin as the go-to solution.

 Since the day I truly made Christ the centre of my life, I feel complete. I’m truly grateful for what God has done in my life & He continues to open many doors.

Name: Alex Morgan
Church: Transformation Life Centre
Profession: Fitness Trainer & Lifestyle Coach
Age: 26
Interests: Sport, Music


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