Azerbaijan Connections: Special Assembly Addition - July 2018

At the end of April, our team of 3 travelled to North Caucasus Russia. We first visited Makhachkala (Dagestan) and served in the church “Hosanna.” After that visit, the pastor from Derbent, who leads a home church among the Lezgins, joined our team. From there we      traveled to Vladikavkaz in North Ossetia. There we served in the church and shared about the vision to planting churches in the area. We then went to Nalchik where a family joined our team. We all served together in two home churches. Following that visit, we with a team of 6 people went to the Krasnodar Territory to the village of Alexandrovskaya. In this village there is a home church. We held a seminar on church planting there. We were also able to visit another home church where one sister was blessed. At the end of the trip, we returned to Baku.  Our entire mission trip to North Caucasus was aimed at finding partners for church planting within Caucasus. Several people are ready to serve together for church planting in this region.   Pray that God opens the doors of North Caucasus, raises ministers and workers who want to plant churches among the indigenous peoples of the Caucasus, who are mostly Muslims. In this region there are more than 40 local nationalities, which the Gospel has not yet reached. We pray for this region, so that many local leaders will rise up. 


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Ethan Barrett